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Wall Street Prep

Wall Street Prep

Wall Street Prep

Status: Active, looking for add-ons
Investment Date: July 2021

Industry: Education
Headquarters: Brookline, MA

A premier financial training provider to financial institutions, corporations, universities and retail customers globally.

Eden’s Value-Add:
• Established value creation plan. Developed a strategy for long-term value creation, including new initiatives such as university partnerships and financial practice and education

• Augmented management team. Implemented new key performance indicators to focus strategic and operational improvements for growth and helped build the company’s finance department, hiring Jon Cano as its Chief Financial Officer in November 2021

• Strengthened sales force. Eden and Wall Street Prep made significant investments in the company’s sales force shortly after acquisition to catalyze the company’s growth

• Sourced acquisition opportunities and supported operations

• Institutionalized Board